Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Food Matters

Over the weekend I watched two documentary's on health - in particular, they focused on how what food we put in our mouths really does matter to overall health. The first movie, Food Matters, spoke about Micro and Macro foods and the importance of vitamins and minerals to help the body repair itself without taking any pills. This movie got me thinking about what I was putting in my mouth, and how I can improve the general inside health of my body. So I went out to my cupboard and cleaned out all foods that had aspartame and other bad food additives. Luckily, there wasn't much that I had to clear out - so alcohol, sugar (never use the white sugar anyway!) and just a few other random items.

Later that night, I watched Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. This movie focused on the important of micronutrients in the form of fruits and vegetables. It followed an Australian, Joe Cross, in his 60 day raw juice reboot. He consumed nothing but raw fruit and vegetables which he made into a juice for breakfast lunch and dinner each day. Quite an interesting movie.... Anyway, my FI and I thought that we might give fresh juicing a go for a few days to expel any toxins in our system - I would like to make it very clear that we are not doing it for weightloss - this is a reboot to get our bodies ready for an awesome upcoming 12 weeks. Originally we were going to do 7 days, but I think I'm just going to go for the three (if I even last that long!). Raw juicing is very hard!! I'm not hungry at all after the first day (getting in close to 1200cals), I do feel a bit dizzy which is expected due to the body starting to release the stored toxins, but I am missing the crunch of food and the convenience of normal food! Anyway, we'll see how I feel tomorrow - if no more juicing, I have a lot of raw vegies and fruit to crunch on!!

Oh, nearly forgot, but....YAY ME! Jumped on the scales yesterday morning, and not only did I achieve mini-goal 1 (66kg), but I was only 600grams off mini-goal 2 (64kg)! So, I am readjusting my goal weight for the kick-off to 62kg!

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Setting myself up for Success!

Well with only 4 days left until Round 3 Pre-Season starts, I think I am in a pretty good position. I am constantly looking at alternative healthy food options (just purchased PB2 - I will review it when it arrives), reading up on other peoples postings on the 12WBT, have joined facebook groups, following more people on twitter, and I have developed a new food and exercise diary which I will start at the start of Pre-Season on Monday! (I've got one that I'm doing now, but the new one is a more improved one!)

This morning was tough to get out of bed - I got out, still hadn't decided what exercise I was going to do this morning which is a big NO NO cause I always find that paralysis by analysis (PBA) sets in! I over-think and end up talking my way out of an exercise session all together. But this morning I thought that I want to make the right habit of exercising and not the wrong habit of PBA. I got to the gym and did an hour of weights, so I was proud that I had a small win today!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Detox time!

Headaches, tummy pains, dizziness....and all the rest....yup, my body is definitely "detoxing/cleansing" today after a few days of clean eating & exercising following three weeks of terrible eating! I definitely need to put the bad things that are happening out of my head, and focus on all the positives to get me through the next few days. Positives being that I'm re-educating my taste buds, wont be left feeling fatigued and needing more sweet stuff to boost my energy, clearer skin, less bloating and therefore leaving me more happier!

Water is KING when it comes to flushing toxins so I have been drinking as much as I can in the last few days; but apparently the top ten foods that have shown to provide the best all-round nutrients that will work hard to get rid of toxins in the body are:
  1. Apple
  2. Avocado
  3. Artichoke
  4. Beetroot
  5. Cruciferous Vegetables (cabbage, brussel sprouts, spinach, cauliflower)
  6. Garlic
  7. Kiwi Fruit
  8. Prunes
  9. Seaweed
  10. Watercress
Well I've had three out of the ten today! Might need to work a little harder on that in the next few days - but good to know for future reference!

Also, just on a note to my post yesterday, I did get out of bed this morning and did 45 mins of TurboFire (547 calories gone!)!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Well I definitely had Tuesdayitis today! But I got through! Turned my alarm off at 5am and rolled back over for more sleep.....hmmmm....not the start to the day I was hoping for! Tomorrow I will JFDI at 5am with a bit of TurboFire! I still went to the gym tonight; however, it wasn't a rip-roaring session, but that is OK! 444 calories have been burnt so that is better than nothing. I will really try and push myself tomorrow morning with my session then though! No excuses!

I did feel empowered though today! I went out for lunch with a friend and there were so many yummy choices to choose from....but I chose a Chicken Caesar Salad. Now I know some people will say that there are still a lot of calories in this dish, but I did feel that it is better than getting a chips with chips, bread, deep fried or lots of cheese (which I cannot resist the temptation to eat!)! For me, this was a really good decision - plus, I also made the contentious effort not to eat everything in the bowl and there actually wasn't much dressing, oil or bread in the dish! I usually always finish a meal, even when full, but today I left all the pieces which I felt had the most amount of dressing. I also got a small skinny latte, where I would normally order a large chai latte! So I think I did a rally good job at making small changes. I think if I can continue making these small changes, they will form habits and then just a way of life without thinking that I am sacrificing certain foods and therefore ending up on a binge fest!!!

Breakfast - Porridge with Cinnamon Apple Salsa - 231 calories
                - Tea - 2 calories
Lunch - Chicken Caesar Salad - approx 476 calories (according to CalorieKing)
           - Skinny Latte - 96 calories
Dinner - Thai Beef Salad - 225 calories
            - 1 cup of milk - 110 calories
TOTAL = 1140 Calories

1 hour Gym workout - 444 Calories

Cals in v Cals out =  -707 Calories

Monday, 23 July 2012

Mini Goals!

So today I have decided what my mini goals are before 12WBT Round 3 kick off on the 27th Aug.

I weighed myself this morning (dum dum dum) and I came in at 66.6kg's! That is a three kilo weight gain in three weeks! Argh! All through that time I was still exercising at my normal intensity but the food that I was putting in my mouth really was not good at all (chips, chocolate, bread & hot chocolate!) It really does prove to me that I have to be spot on with my diet at all times! 80% diet 20% exercise!

Ok, so my goals. I thought I'd just do mini weight goals for the moment.

Mini goal 1 = 66kg by Pre-Season kick off starting 30th July
Mini goal 2 = 64kg by Round 3 kick off starting 27th Aug

I think both of these are very achievable if I am spot on with my diet. Exercise clearly isn't my issue here! So to achieve these goals, I will be writing down every calorie consumed and burnt to ensure that I have a calorie deficit each day.

I am also going to give myself a reward at mini goal 2 - rewarding being a well deserved massage!

One of the pre-season taks is setting up goals for the next 12 months, so when we come to that I will post them too.

As for my day today, slept in this morning (oh oh not a good start!), but I did do some exercise tonight - ChaLEAN Extreme Push Circuit 1 session 2 - I love lifting heavy weights! My arms feel dead but hey! Food wise, hmm I did really well until I went to my mum's for dinner. I really have to learn not to eat everything on my plate! I really have a long way to go with food

Saturday, 21 July 2012


This morning I woke up and it has felt like something has snapped - I am not sure yet for the good or bad.

Exercise hasn't been an issue for me for the last few months, my eating has been the issue! I cannot get my mindset right. I feel guilty that I made my fiance do a late night Macca's run to get a hot chocolate sundae for me and he ended up getting something too. Not only am I ruining my health, I am ruining his too.

So this morning, I have rejoined the Michelle Bridges 12WBT. This will be my third round; however, I do not feel that I have successfully completed the other two rounds. I quit my first round only 4 weeks in cause I had met my goal weight and felt I didn't need to do the program any more....well, everything I had learned went out the window and by the end of 2011, I had regained the 10 kilos that I had lost.

I completed the first round this year, but only managed to loose a few kilos. Again, I wasn't following the nutrition plan 100%. I really want to focus on my mindset for this round.

I'm not sure if anyone will read this, but I am going to blog to keep myself accountable. I will blog exercise, food, thoughts and anything else that is related to my journey. I am excited for what is to come!